Videogame Review: Stellaris

“We have unmistakable proof that throughout all past time, there has been a ceaseless devouring of the weak by the strong.” – Herbert Spencer Have you ever made the mistake of trying to pet a cat that doesn’t want your affection? I think we all have. They’re just so soft and cute and seemingly perfect […]

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Videogame Review: The Outer Worlds

“Greed has taken the whole universe, and nobody is worried about their soul.” – Little Richard Corporations. They dominate our lives, from ubiquitous products we simply can’t live without to advertising jingles that become the most entrenched earworms imaginable, they define our modern society. Unless you live off the grid in a self-sustainable yurt (and […]

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Book Review: Altered Carbon

“If they ask how I died tell them: still angry.”– Takeshi Kovacs, Altered Carbon Death. Dying. Demise. Becoming deceased. It’s the great unmentionable. It’s the spectre that lurks, grinning in the shadows of almost every human’s psyche. That moment when life gives way and fails to inescapable, unavoidable, old-fashioned entropy. That’s it. Finito. Gone. The […]

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Videogame Review: Alien: Isolation

“There’s something on this station. Something you wouldn’t believe.”– Axel, Alien: Isolation Aliens. When someone says the word, the chances are you envision a few things; the classic big-eyed, usually-telepathic ‘grey aliens’ that crop up in conspiracy theories, sci-fi shows and memes to this day (ayy lmao), the spindly, remorseless tripods of the Martians from […]

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